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Frozen Custard


This is the question we get asked the most and we are happy to answer. Here's a quick little breakdown!

Frozen custard has the same ingredients as regular ice cream with one very important addition: egg yolks. By adding egg yolks to the mixture, custard is able to take on a much more rich and dense consistency compared to your typical ice creams.

Another key factor is the method by which it is made. Where ice cream can literally be 50% air in composition, frozen custard is much lower than that due to the production process minimizing the development of air in the mixture.

Lastly, frozen custard is served at a higher temperature than ice cream and other frozen desserts. This allows the texture, flavor, and consistency to not be overwhelmed by the mouth numbing feeling one typically gets from other products.


The owners

Our Shop At The Beach

A brief history and what we have planned for the future!
Matt & Tania Smith

Having worked here myself on and off for a couple years, I knew the potential this little custard shop had. In March 2018, Tania and I moved forward with the purchase and with the help of the SBTDC at UNCW, were able to pull together a solid business plan and obtain the resources we needed. The process took longer than expected but anything worth doing is going to be difficult. We took over ownership of Kohl's Frozen Custard on July 1st, 2018.

We hit the ground running with summer in full swing and had a wonderful start to business ownership. September 9th was when we got news that Wrightsville Beach was directly in the path of Hurricane Florence. So after just 10 weeks of business, we scrambled to prepare for what was at the time a Category 4 hurricane. We waited out the storm at home, which had thankfully been downgraded to a Category 1 and came back just over a week later to survey the damage. Unfortunately, our roof had ripped open and the sheer amount of rainfall from the storm meant we had to completely gut the store. While we had not planned on a complete renovation so soon, we did our best to take this tragedy in stride and make something of it. The process was long and at times extremely frustrating, but on April 22nd, 2019 we were able to look back at all the work we had done and simply be happy to be back open for business after a 7 month hiatus.

Now, almost 6 years into owning and operating our own business, navigating a full scale hurricane renovation and then global pandemic, Tania and I still have so much more we aspire towards. We truly feel that our product is something special and unique to the area. We want to cultivate that and aim to expand our reach to the rest of the city and potentially further.

- Matt & Tania Smith

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